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" We try to bring the people of Thomas Morus closer together. " ∼ The Praesidium


BBQ Poster

Sign up here

Sign up for the annual Big BBQ of Thomas Morus. For 10 euro you will get 3 pieces of meat, 2 drinks and a dessert. So don't hesitate and register yourself and all your friends because everyone is welcome on our family BBQ.

We will end the evening in style with our final party where you will be overwhelmed by cheap drinks (MOJITO'S!!). You can sign up by filling in this document or you can deposit your registration paper that you got under your door in the big white mailbox outside the office of block B.

You can pay when you arrive.


The Praesidium is here to make your Thomas Morus experience a real kickass social adventure. Would you like to get to know us?


The Box

Do you want to throw a party or play some games? Rent the box!



I, St. Thomas Morus, have my own facebook profile. It would be my greatest honor to send u invites to my legendary parties and activities. We are going to rock it old school!


You should also like my page so you get all the information you need.



The Residence has their own website with plenty of information. So check it out if u have any questions relating to the residence.